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With offices located in Fullerton and Indio, California, Law Offices Of Richard F. Lemus is a firm that has devoted over 28 years of experience to representing a variety of complex cases, with fighting for its clients’ rights always being our biggest priority.

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Led by Attorney Ricardo Lemus, our firm is built on the firsthand understanding of someone who saw his loved ones personally affected by several immigration struggles. We want our clients to understand that the law is designed to protect them, and we will make sure to provide them with results that improve their life situation.


As a firm dedicated to the wellbeing of every client that contacts us, we specialize in a wide range of services, including worker’s compensation, criminal defense, and immigration-related litigation.

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We believe that actions speak louder than words. Our case results reflect our strong work ethic and our drive to get the best possible results for every case.

Suzy was from Korea and had entered the USA on a Visitor’s Visa often called a B-1 Visa which allows for foreign visitors to visit for short terms such as six months. While in the USA she married Fred, a US Citizen. Because Suzy entered the USA legally, she was able to adjust status to Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) if she married a US Citizen which she did. Because the Marriage was less than two years, she only got a temporary legal status subject to a Conditional Residence which had to be removed jointly by both spouses. But the marriage fell apart soon, and Suzy’s case was denied by U.S.C.I.S. and she was put into Removal Proceedings.


Suzy was not able to remove the Conditional status as it requires joinder by the spouse in removing the Condition Status and this was not possible as the spouse refused to cooperate. In the Immigration Court Removal Proceeding. We were able to assemble a solid package that gave her an exception to the Joinder of Spouse requirement. Suzy was able to file and conclude a divorce which gave her a Judgement from the Family Court that found Irreconcilable Differences as the basis for the Divorce. By definition, Irreconcilable Differences indicates that the marriage was entered into Bona Fide but just fell apart which is enough to overcome the Conditional status coupled with other favorable factors such as criminal history and hardship to Suzy. In the end, this was a long journey as Most Removal cases are. The case lasted several years but, in the end, Suzy got LPR status and was very grateful.


David was a client of mine with a Felony Theft Criminal case (“Grand Theft). David was facing three years in state prison as he had a past record for theft. David has a wife and very young children whom needed him. David was from Central California but was visiting Southern California when he was arrested for Grand Theft. The Prosecutor had a video of David entering a shop and stealing equipment. The Prosecutor had a good witness, the shop owner. The Police were able to catch David and take him into custody. I saw that the Prosecutor was not going to budge in their position, so we went to trial. The shop witness was able to identify David but could not be able to place a value of the item stolen, only the price paid years ago.


During closing arguments, I pointed out to the Jury that the Prosecution had failed to show the value of the item stolen and could only show the purchase price a couple of years ago. I argued that the value of the stolen item was likely less than $950 and their witness testimony left one guessing the value of the object stolen. If the value was under $950, my client was only guilty of a Petty Theft and not a Felony Grand theft. David’s crime was found by the Jury to be a Petty theft and David did not go to Prison. David was fortunate to have an attorney that has much experience and the will and means to fight for his client.


Miguel was detained by I.C.E. after his release from Jail for a Domestic Violence case. Miguel was detained at the Los Angeles I.C.E. detention center. His case was before the Immigration Court for detained individuals in Los Angeles and his bond was denied as he was subject to Mandatory Detention. Miguel had no family in California. His adult children lived in Arizona, and we had to have his family members drive to Los Angeles to support Miguel with his case. It weighs heavily in the client’s favor if he has family in the USA with Legal Status and they make an appearance in the Immigration Court asking for the Judge to Cancel his Removal.


Miguel through our COR package and his family’s appearance was sufficient as the children were US Citizens. Miguel’s Judge was a very tough Judge, but we were able win his COR case and he was released and had his Green Card returned by I.C.E. Miguel had to make the very tough decision to remain detained and fight his case as he had relief available. Miguel could have chosen instead to seek his quick Removal thus he would not be detained for so many weeks. Once a detained Individual does this, it will be very much more difficult to help the individual


I had an individual (we will call him Alberto) whom was detained in Eloy, Arizona, at a very large private detention center. Alberto was from Central California, and he was detained in Fresno but ended up in Eloy Arizona way out in the Desert far from major cities. Alberto was a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR). It was a challenge getting documentation to support his case with his family living in the rural part of Central California as it made it difficult to get the documentation for the case.


The client was not eligible for release on Bond because he had Controlled Substance Convictions. It is noteworthy to mention that had just one of the several Controlled Substance Convictions been for trafficking of a Controlled Substance, he would not have any relief as an Aggravated felon which would result in Deportation (modernly called Removal). We filed an application for Cancellation Of Removal called a 42A (COR). We needed to show that Alberto deserved favorable discretion enough to offset the several drug convictions. Alberto had several Drug Convictions. It was evident that Alberto was addicted to Methamphetamine but with good family support and his initiative, he could put this behind. The key to Alberto’s relief was documenting the Ties and Equities Alberto had in the USA. I put together a COR package showing all the family and roots Alberto had in the USA. It weighed in Alberto’s favor that he had been an LPR for over 15 years. Rehabilitation of the detainee is critical in COR. If the Detainee does not how a new leaf turning in their life through rehabilitation, then relief can be denied, and the Individual will be Removed. Our package was sufficient to persuade the Judge that Alberto had kicked the drug habit and was a changed man. This COR relief can only be given one time, if the detainee falls into this problem again, he will have no relief and will very like be deported.


I had a 2013 Client (we will call him Luis, a Landscape worker) whom was detained in Los Angeles by I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) after he was released from County Jail for a Significant Misdemeanor but this crime was not the client’s biggest problem. Luis’s biggest problem was that he was detained and that the Immigration Judge found Luis to be subject to Mandatory Detention, this meant he would not be released on Bond, he had to fight his removal case while detained. Luis had a 2006 Possession of Methamphetamine un CA Health and Safety Code 11377(a) which makes an undocumented individual ineligible for becoming a Legal Permanent Resident (“LPR) and his only way out of I.C.E. detention was deportation or for me as his attorney finding a way for him to get his Green Card despite the Methamphetamine conviction.


After much digging up Luis’s past immigration history, I was able to find that he had available to him a good solution. It turned out Luis had a Labor Based Petition which was approvable when filed but was never concluded because the Petitioning Employer was unable to complete the transaction. I was able to use the Priority date (the date the paper is filed) of his Labor Certification which was filed prior to April 30, 2001, together with a Family Petition filed by a Spouse. The Immigration Judge denied the Adjustment of Status case though I knew the Judge had erred in its decision. I appealed the decision to the B.I.A. (Board of Immigration Appeals) where I successfully argued and won the appeal based on a very Important case Lujan Armendariz. The I.C.E. Attorney was arguing that under Nunez-Reyes v. Holder, 646 F.3d 684, 2011, a person will no longer be able to adjust status to LPR and this is true, but only for cases after the Nunez-Reyes July 14, 2011. In reading the case carefully and taken in conjunction with the earlier case Lujan Armendariz, it turned out that Luis was Grandfathered into the older case law under Lujan Armendariz. Under this case, an individual may still be able to gain Legal Permanent Residence if his criminal case fell under the Federal First Offender Act. This means that if the case is expunged or dismissed after completing a sentence (deferred entry of Judgement or Terminal Disposition), then the conviction will not bar Luis from adjusting status to LPR and this is what we were able to accomplish. Luis was fortunate in that his Methamphetamine case was dismissed Pursuant to CA Penal Code 1000 back in 2006 (known as PC 1000) when the Case law was in his favor under Lujan Armendariz. In the end, the Controlled Substance conviction was not a Bar to his gaining LPR Status. Luis was released and he got his LPR status. The family was very happy as they thought Luis was sure to be deported.


We offer legal representation that gets deeply involved with ensuring your wellbeing.


Attorney Richard Lemus provides excellent representation! He and his staff are very professional and really show their concern for your well being. Thank you for the excellent service!

Linda M. Diaz

I had a difficult immigration/Citizenship case & we were able to get through some obstacles that could have not allowed me to become a citizen. Thank you kindly Didi! I would without a doubt recommend your services to people I know.

Fernando Trujillo

Maria at the Fullerton office is always very responsive. Whether I email or call the office, she is always available or replies back within 24 hours. Our case is at its last step and waiting for my husband’s interview. So far, we have not had any issues with the Law Office of Richard Lemus. Maria, THANK YOU for your sincere and genuine assistance.

Dinah Boc Alonso

Success in law and court cases requires a bit of boldness and lots of dedication. Richard F Lemus is confident, knows the immigration law, and tells you your options without any false hope or false expectations. Richard F Lemus is a beacon of hope to my family when our options appear limited, and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Maria Baltazar, Paralegal to Richard F Lemus, made us feel more confident while explaining the process and collecting all the needed documentation for our case. I’d hire this team again, no questions asked.

Ricardo Sanchez-Vazquez

I want to say that this office was God-sent for my father and me. My dad received a deportation letter, and at the time we got the letter, I was confused and had no idea the steps to take. I found attorney Richard Lemus just by reading his reviews and went in for a consultation. He was very sincere and explained the steps we needed to win my dad’s case. It wasn’t easy, and I didn’t think he could win, but Attorney Lemus knew the exact steps. I will never forget the day Richard won my dad’s case, and he got to stay with us in the US. I’d recommend Attorney Lemus over and over again.

Cherry Carigma

Mr. Lemus has been a great attorney to work with. He is honest, more than fair priced and a very experienced attorney in all immigration matters. He has now successfully helped my wife and two stepsons become permanent residents in the US. If you need help with any immigration matter, I highly recommend working with Mr. Lemus and his office.

Andrew Pfund

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As a firm, we pride ourselves on our incomparable work ethics. Our many years of experience have taught us how to properly handle the most complex cases. We know the best ways to document and organize all available information to build solid, winning cases.

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Contrary to other law firms who only see their clients as a way to make quick money by doing low-quality work, we strive to protect the wellbeing of every person we represent. We care about your situation and will make sure to listen to you to provide the best possible service.

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Our work ethics don’t compare to those of our competitors: we are doing this fully committed to protecting your legal rights and not simply to earn some quick, easy money.

We have firsthand experience with immigration issues: having seen the complications of relocating in the United States. Our lead attorney seeks to offer legal alternatives to deal with the impact of migrating into a new country.

We handle every case with the highest level of seriousness: there is no such thing as a straightforward case at our firm, and we will put all our expertise into thoroughly investigating your claim.

We communicate with our customers and listen to their needs: behind every case lies a person facing the burden of legal complications. To ease this burden, we keep communications open with our clients.

We involve ourselves with every aspect of your case: from filing paperwork and contacting everyone relevant, we handle every aspect of your case to ensure everything is arranged correctly.

We offer payment plans that help clients get the help they need: legal representation services can be expensive, often unaffordable to those seeking justice. With this in mind, we offer payment plans that adapt to your needs.

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